Engine Diagnostics


 Is your Check Engine light on in your dash, or maybe your vehicle is not running as smoothly as it used to?  Cars Trucks -N- More is professionally trained to diagnose the problem, getting you back on the road safely and quickly. 

Preventative Maintenance


 Let’s face it, your car has a lot of important duties to perform daily.  It brings the kids to school.  It takes you to work.  Your car can’t make you late for soccer practice, or a doctor appointment.  Most importantly, it has to perform all of these tasks while keeping you and your family safe!  At Cars Trucks -N- More, we're committed to maintaining the safety and reliability you depend on from your car. 

Heating and Cooling Service


 The heating and air conditioning systems in our vehicles make getting to our destinations much more enjoyable. We often take for granted that our vehicle’s heat keeps us warm in the winter months, and the cool air refreshes us in the summer time. 

Oil, Fluids, and Filters



Oil is the protector of your engine. It reduces friction, lessens wear, provides lubrication, forms a seal between the pistons, rings and cylinder walls and helps cool engine parts. Without the cleaning action of new oil, carbon and varnish buildup would be toxic to the engine. And engine oil even dampens the shock and noise of moving parts.

Oil filters: Oil filters are designed to trap dirt and other suspended objects in the oil and prevent them from getting to the engine bearings and other parts.

Automatic transmission fluid: This is an oil used in transmissions that lubricates and cools the transmission and transfers hydraulic pressure to shifts gears automatically.

Brake fluid: This is the hydraulic fluid used to transmit pressure   through the brake lines in a brake system. Brake fluid also contains anti-corrosion additives that help protect hydraulic components like brake calipers and Anti-Lock brake pumps.

Coolant/antifreeze: This is the mixture of water and antifreeze used in a car’s cooling system to maintain the engine's temperature throughout its operating range.

Air Filters: Air filters remove harmful airborne particulates so they are not introduced to an engine’s combustion process.

Brakes, Lights, and Wipers


Brakes: While driving you never know what may appear in the road while we are navigating down the highway.  If that isn’t enough to worry about you also won’t know exactly when you’ll need your brakes, but before you need them in an emergency make sure you’ve had them serviced at Cars Trucks -N- More.  We know every part of your vehicle inside and out and we will make sure your brakes are performing at a level you can trust.  When you purchase brake pads and brake shoes at Cars Trucks -N- More, you also get the NAPA AutoCare warranty*

Lights and Wipers: Visibility is imperative when you are out and about.  Making sure your headlights, taillights, brake lights, and turn signals are all working is an important visibility and safety issue.  If you experience any visibility problems, come to Cars Trucks -N- More at your earliest convenience for headlamp or bulb replacement.

Warning lights: Is your "Check Engine" warning light on?  Bring it to Cars Trucks -N- More, and our experienced mechanics can diagnose the problem, and advise you on the required repair or suggested maintenance service.

Wipers & Wiper Fluid: For increased safety and optimum visibility in rainy, snowy, or icy conditions, be sure to replace your wiper blades at least once a year, or whenever they begin to streak or "chatter."  Cars Trucks -N- More carries a range of blades sized to fit your vehicle. Make sure you are also topping off your wiper fluid regularly.

Tire and Wheel Service


 Today you will need your tires to take care of many things and you will count on them to get you to your destination without any troubles.  From friends and family to a cargo load for work a lot is riding on the safety and reliability of your tires.

Our technicians will inspect, rotate, and balance your tires, as scheduled. And when it's time to replace them, we will determine the correct size and kind of tire you need for the car and type of driving you do. Finally, we will make sure your new tires are properly installed.